About Conference

The 3rd international
science and training conference

Technologies of Information and Management


April 14 – 15, 2016
Grodno, Belarus

The 3rd international science and training conference “TECHNOLOGIES of INFORMATION and MANAGEMAENT” is spent with the purpose of discussion of modern directions of development of computer science and management and its appendices in various areas of development of a modern computer society, stimulation of a high school science and scientific and technical activity of young scientists.

We hope, that conference becomes appreciable event in a life of Belarus, will serve consolidation of efforts of workers of a science and the higher school, preservation and hardening of traditions of a university life. Will allow to come into closer scientific contacts between IT-managers and programmers of t he different countries of near and far abroad, will promote an exchange of experience, maintenance in Republic of a high level of researches in the field of information computer technologies, management, preparation of experts for IT.

In program and organizational committees of conference have entered authoritative experts. Owing to their efforts and enthusiasm we hope to support a high level of researches in Republic both in fundamental directions of computer science, and in various spheres of application of information technologies.

LANGUAGES OF THE CONFERENCE: Belarusian, Russian and English.


  1.      Information Systems and their application for production and management
  2.      Development of educational infomedia at educational institution and distant technology
  3.      Information technologies for Law and Economics sciences
  4.      Modern information technologies in the framework of information of education

Quality management in education